There is nothing more frustrating, when you are all ready for a conference call and there is a technical issue. If you are experiencing issues with your conferencing, once you have tested that the headset itself is working properly, then please find below an overview of how your settings should appear on the Worlds’ leading conference platforms.

Microsoft Teams Setup –

To set up your STEALTH headset on Teams, open Teams > click on your profile icon > choose SETTINGS > Scroll down to DEVICES as shown below.

Ensure Audio devices is set to PC Mic and Speakers as shown in the screenshot.

Speaker should be set to Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)

Microphone should be set to Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio)

Next, click ‘Make a Test call’ to check your headset is working as intended!

Skype Setup –

Once you’ve opened up your Skype account, click on the three little dots next to your profile name and picture, then select ‘Settings’.

Settings > ‘Audio & Video’ as shown.

Under ‘Audio’ > Microphone is set to ‘Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio) as shown in the screenshot below.

The detection bar should pick up your voice as you speak into the mic.

Next, Speakers > ‘Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) and then ensure the slider is at 10, as shown.

Lastly, click ‘Test Audio’ to check the audio and mic are working as intended.

Zoom Conferencing Setup –

Open Zoom > click on your profile > go into SETTINGS > select AUDIO from the list of options as shown below.

Ensure Speaker is set to SPEAKERS (Realtek(R) Audio)

Ensure the Volume is anywhere in between the middle to maximum setting as shown below.

Next, ensure Microphone is set to Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio)

And make sure the Volume slider for the Mic is all the way up as shown for clear and concise feedback.

Then click ‘Test Speaker’ and ‘Test Mic’ respectively once you’ve configured the settings to test that everything is working as intended!

We hope this article helps!

Posted on 9th Sep 2022 by Natasha

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