What’s worse? Your controller disconnecting in the middle of gameplay OR your controller malfunctioning due to being out-of-date? The correct answer is both are equally as aggravating.

Which is why it’s important to ensure your controllers remain up-to-date.

Once you turn on your PS5, at the right hand side of the screen will be notification updates notifying you of your controller’s battery status as well as any other notifications that your console has for you.

Scroll across the top of the PS5 dashboard to get to SETTINGS on the far right hand side of the screen > SYSTEM

Then SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE AND SETTINGS > ‘Download Update Files Automatically’ ensure this is ON by toggling the little option switch next to it

Ensure ‘Install Update Files Automatically’ is ON by also toggling the little option switch next to it

Within the same section head into > UPDATE SYSTEM SOFTWARE to double-check your console is up to date.

With regards to Controller updates, a message will pop up on the screen notifying you of a Controller update when one is available – after which the instructions on the screen will then prompt you to plug in the USB cable that came with the PS5, in order to update your controller.

All in all, it is recommended that you ensure to always update your controllers when prompted by the console, as doing this not only ensures your controller is operating on the current software version as your console but will overtime also decrease the charging time taken in getting your controller to fully charge.

Ensuring your PS5 DualSense controllers stay charged –


Next, set ‘Supply Power to USB Ports’ to ‘Always’ or if you want ‘3 hours’ as that’s how long it takes for the PS5 controllers to reach full charge currently.

Also ensure the ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’ option is ON

Then whenever your PS5 enters Rest Mode, the console will still be able to charge any controllers – by supplying power to its USB ports when using either the official PS5 USB cable OR any 3rd party charging solutions (charging docks and cables alike).

What is Rest Mode?

Put simply, it’s a standby mode on the PS5 that exists to limit the power consumption when your console is otherwise not in use.

Rest Mode also allow the PS5 to carry on downloading any updates in the background with barely any noise or disruption.

Thus making REST MODE beneficial if you wish to take full advantage of what your console has to offer when you’re away from gaming.

Posted on 9th Sep 2022 by Natasha

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