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We Are Stealth

Our team of experts; design, test and create high quality gaming accessories for all gamers, not just the pros. We believe that immersive gaming experiences should be for the many, not for the few. That experiencing your favourite game, the way the developers wanted you to, should not be dependent on whether you can afford to spend £75+ on a single gaming headset.

We are gamers. Ok, some are more experienced than others, but we all go on our XBOX ONE, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch after work to unwind, to speak with existing friends and make news ones online. We use our own Gaming Headsets, because we want to experience immersive audio, we want to enjoy our game in comfort and we want our friends to hear us clearly, when we are talking to them!

We care about what we do. Whether it’s the finishing touches to our products to protecting the planet, we take care in our actions. Over a 2 year period, we have saved over 180 Tonnes of waste plastic from entering landfill and oceans, by changing all of our packaging to 100% Plastic Free alternatives, making it easier to recycle. That’s not all, our Team have used their expertise, to make changes to our line up throughout the years, making our gaming accessories more comfortablemore powerful and much stronger (meaning they last longer).

We are all about the Community. The reason we love gaming? It has to be the community feel. We love working with Streamers, whether they are just starting off or fully established. We love speaking with our Followers; across FacebookTwitter and Instagram and we love hearing what you have got to say about our products.


What makes us different?


Well, this could be anything from the variety of styles available, created to suit your personality or the fact that our Audio headsets can be used for both gaming in your seat and listening to music on the streets. Fashionable designs and a removable mic. change the gaming headset to a stylish accessory to listen to your music through.

We may not have been around for long, but we are definitely making waves. Sold in the United Kingdom, Across Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

We are constantly on the look out for new and exciting partnerships. Whether you are looking to sell STEALTH Gaming Accessories through your retail/E-Commerce platform or advertise STEALTH through your streaming channel and wear our Gaming Accessories on your channels. If you are interested in working with us, head to the Work with Us page and fill in your details.

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