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Being a gamer is a tough but enjoyable job/hobby – we know this. You do hours upon hours of gaming for the entertainment of other people as well as yourself and one of the common issues we know that you guys face is comfort and durability with your gaming accessories.
Which is why we are here! We offer numerous products that are not only designed to ensure your comfort but have personality also.
Each of our STEALTH Gaming Headsets supplies clear sound and responsive chat so that you can maintain important communication with your clan to ensure success in every mission. Designed for use with the XBOX ONE™, Xbox 360™ and XBOX ONE X™ which launched in November 2017.

SX – Series

We have the STEALTH SX – 01 Stereo Gaming Headset which is a highly rated accessory currently selling from retailers such as; Argos and TESCO. The inline volume control enables you to change the volume of the game and chat sound simultaneously so that you can hear everything with crystal clear audio – the way that you should be experiencing gameplay. You will receive clear, crisp game sound as well as responsive chat. These can be used as XBOX ONE™ headsets and used with the XBOX 360™ due to the same connection type of a 3.5mm Jack Port (if you are using a USB connection please ensure that it can be connected with an adapter, where the 3.5mm Jack can be inputted.

Moving on, we have the SX – 02 a MONO headset that maintains tactical comms during key classes and is finished with a high gloss and matte exterior, this stylish and sleek headset features a 3.5mm jack connection with numerous features such as flexible mic boom and mic mute, chat volume control and is designed for your comfort with ear fitted cushions.


Next, is our robust stereo headset the SX – Elite which provides you with breathable mesh headband and ear cushions to provide you with hours of gaming comfort. This diverse headset can be used for game sound and chat with adjustable volume with the inline volume control or remove the microphone to use the sound only function. You can use this masterpiece with the XBOX ONE X ™ or the XBOX ONE™  controllers.

And if you are still unsure if one of these products is the one for you – then you should check out our XP – Series multi-format range (our headsets in this series are named after fighter jets) which will make sure you and your friends are ready for battle. We have;

XP – Series

The XP – Viper

Is a slick mono headset sleek in black; with an adjustable mic and headband, volume control and mic mute functions, an ear cushion to ensure that you are comfortable when you decide to play for hours.

That’s not all, we also have –

XP – Black Widow;

named after the YF – 23 Fighter Jet, where its size belies its true strength offers you a removable mic, black and red colour finish and a MONO Gaming experience like no other. The STEALTH Black Widow may be compact and light, but it punches far above its weight.
Our next jet named fighter; XP – Nighthawk is the most feared plane in the sky. This stereo headset is a force to be reckoned with! The STEALTH Nighthawk is the most powerful, well equipped STEALTH Headset to date. With wireless connectivity that allows complete freedom and maneuverability giving you the edge in any competitive landscape.

Then there is our popular;

XP – Raptor

Mirroring the capabilities of its namesake, a surveillance jet capable of wreaking havoc in a firefight. A powerful headset that sounds as deadly as it looks, the Raptor allows the gamer to stay aware of their surroundings whilst providing intense high-quality game sound and chat audio. It is also extremely comfortable with a padded headband and flexible mic.

Next is our Hornet, which is a Stereo Gaming Headset designed to deliver high-quality chat and game sound simultaneously. It takes its name from the F/A-18, an all-weather plane designed as a fighter and attack aircraft. The breathable mesh headband and ear cushions don’t just provide comfort for hours, they also provide a great aesthetic look; this diverse headset can be used for game sound and chat with adjustable volume with the inline volume control or you can remove the microphone to use the sound only function.

We have covered a lot of headsets so far right? Well, we only have three more to go which are still apart of the XP – Series but are our newest products to date and coming really soon to retailers! And we are certain that they peak your interest – so it’s time to get ready for the battle of your life with….


Own the battlefield with the STEALTH multi-platform headset. The classic camouflage pattern is based on the disruptive pattern material of World War 2, allowing you to succeed in style. The name comes from the powerful war vehicle used in WW2, the design itself is based around power and versatility, from the 40 mm Speaker drivers to the 3.5mm Jack cable, hear every explosion, gunfire and command from your team in clear, crisp audio – whatever the platform!
Maintain control in conflict, with the inline volume control and Mic. Mute switch. This lightweight headset will allow you to maintain vital communication with your clan, as your work together to claim triumph in war.

The second to last in the newest series is the XP – Conqueror. Which is a beautiful Stereo Gaming Headset which allows you to immerse yourself in battle as you engage with enemy lines and command your team to glory, the flexible mic. Boom provides the best comms for when you support your troops and ultimately ensuring your best chances at success. Remember versatility is vital in war! Which is why we are prepared with the 3.5mm Jack connection allowing you to play on multiple platforms!

Finally, we have our Warrior which is a versatile Stereo Gaming Headset that mirrors the lightweight war vehicle it was named after – it also gives you explosive power with its 40mm speaker drivers allowing you to hear your enemy before you see them!

There is a uniqueness with this headset due to its Desert camouflage pattern with orange trim and rubber oil finish, giving it and you that fresh exclusive look and feel.
So if you want a competitive edge; you should definitely look at our XP Camo Range.

Comfort, personality, and style is what we do as we know it’s what is important to you.
Let us know which headset or range is your favourite through our Twitter or Facebook!

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