All The Power You Will Ever Need With STEALTH SX XBOX Charging Solutions

Extend your XBOX Game time with STEALTH Charging Solutions

Power is important for any Gamer. Whether you are powering through that mission or looking to power your controller; STEALTH Gaming has got you covered with their premium XBOX charging solutions, which is NEW to the range for 2019.

SX Series

The SX Charging Series is an expansion on STEALTH Gaming’s highly successful SX – Series Audio Category, introducing a NEW collection of cutting edge charging products that have been specifically designed to enhance ANY Gamers experience.

SX – C100

This unique 2 in 1 Twin Charging dock provides Gamers with a choice. With a sleek design in Black or White as well as the ability to either Charge to Play OR Play AND Charge your Xbox Wireless Controller. If you choose to Charge TO Play via the stylish Docking System then you will be able to charge up to 2x controller’s overnight, which provides you with up to 18 hours of Wireless Gameplay! Getting it ready for that your next gaming sessions.

Alternatively, you can always use the Premium Braided Micro USB Cable to Charge AND Play the biggest XBOX ONE titles. With 2x Rechargeable batteries  – you will always be prepared.

SX – C50

Similar to the SX – C100, the SX – C50 provides you with a smooth Black or White single Dock Design that allows you to charge whilst on Standby and features LED Charging indicators to let you know when your controller is ready to go. Although, with the SXC-50, you don’t have to wait as the 2M Premium Braided Cable that is included allows you to carry on playing whilst supplying you controller with Power!

How long does it take to Charge?

A mere 4 hours is all that you would have to wait for your XBOX Controller to charge, which would provide you with up to 18 hours of game play. You will know when your XBOX Controller is ready because STEALTH has cleverly included RED and GREEN LED lights so that you know when you can pick up your controller.

But that’s not all that is special about the SX – C50, it may look compact and have a lightweight feel but it packs some incredible power! Especially, with up to 18 hours game play from a single FULL charge.

Experience Freedom

Are you ready to move and charge without feeling restricted in movement? Then you will love the 2M Braided Polyester Premium Cable that compliments ANY XBOX console nicely.

You will feel UNLIMITED power with the STEALTH SX Charging Range!

*The SX – C50, and SX – C100 also works with XBOX ELITE Wireless Controllers.*

The SX – C10 and the SX – C5

The SX – C10 and SX – C5 are battery packs that you have never experienced before. With STEALTH’s SX – C10 it comes with; 2x 2M Polyester Braided Cables, that allow you to charge and play at the same time and Battery packs you will always be ready for any battle.

The best feature from STEALTH’s SX – C10 is not only the choice in the colours; Black or White to ensure that your charging solution suits your personality and compliments your XBOX console but how easy it is to use!

All you have to do is attach the battery pack to your XBOX controller and then plug in the USB cable into your console and then into your controller. You have the option to leave your controller charging and then a GREEN light will appear via STEALTH’s LED light that will indicate when your controller is fully charged or you can plug and play!

There are no restrictions with this AMAZING Charger.

The SX – C5

The functions and features of the SX – C5 are not dissimilar to the SX – C10. However, the SX – C5 only comes with one Polyester Braided Cable and one Battery Pack again in your choice of colour either Black or White that still provides with you up to 18 hours of charge.

Again, STEALTH has made the SX – C5 easy to use with the RED / GREEN LED light that indicates when your XBOX controller is fully charged. And with the easy to use USB and Braided Cable you can say goodbye to tangled wires.

*The SX – C10 and SX – C5 is compatible with the SX – C100 and SX – C50 Charging dock*

An underrated feature from STEALTH

One of the fantastic aspects of ALL STEALTH products is the fact that they are easy to use, they give control back to the Gamer as well as choice, and ALL packaging for STEALTH products is 100% Plastic Free!



So, if you ever buy a product from STEALTH then you know you are contributing to keeping the world a safer and cleaner place. And as one of the only Gaming companies that are currently doing this, it is something to shout about!

Keep up to date!

If you are looking to get the most out of your controller and game play then you SHOULD be interested in STEALTH’s Charging solutions. Make sure you keep up to date with STEALTH’s website HERE for news on a release date as they will be coming out very soon!

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