Codename Scarlett: Xbox’s new venture

Microsoft definitely delivered when it came to E3, with shock announcements that they will be obtaining not just one – but FIVE new gaming studios;

• Ninja Theory
• Playground Games
• Undead Labs
• Compulsion Games
• The Initiative

That wasn’t all they announced either…

The CEO; Phil Spencer also informed us that there will be over 50 new games. Many of which will be Xbox exclusives. However, what got us really excited is that the hardware team is working hard on a future Xbox console.

Unfortunately, there are no confirmed dates on when the release will happen – but there is some speculation as to what this means for the current gen consoles. And price drops are predicted, as well as a date of 2020 for the “Scarlett” device.

There is also a tipster that claims the new console SHOULD be backward – compatible, allowing you to play Xbox One titles and selected Xbox 360 games. But that’s not all – the device is likely to support Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming service. The streaming service could also allow you to play 4K PC – style graphics on a smartphone! Pretty cool right?

There is further speculation that the streaming service will make ALL the games digital – but more interestingly is the rumour that ‘Scarlett’ might not just be the next console. It could be a series of devices that seem to be related to gaming in some way.

Of course, there could be no truth to any of these speculations other than Microsoft are working on a new console and that they are planning to introduce a streaming service. But either way, we will keep you updated!

Did you know?

Microsoft isn’t the only one bringing out a new console…

Our favourite search engine; Google is potentially bringing out their own device! Which has been speculated for years. But new leaks are starting to make this rumour seem more viable every day.
Apparently, there are only FIVE selected people who have been briefed on Googles “plans” to create their own consoles with original games being developed and an exclusive streaming service.

We suspect that as the year goes on there will be far more rumours running around and we will continue to keep you updated with news about the PS5 – but feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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