Battlefield V : Set to be a WW2 Feature Sources Say

2018’s Battlefield is to be set to follow the footsteps of it’s biggest rival and take a journey into the past with a World War 2 feature, according to sources close to the project.

Previously known as “Battlefield 2” internally at EA, Eurogamer sources stated that this has now been changed to Battlefield V and will be set in the WW2 era such as the most recent Call of Duty: WW2. The era choice comes as no surprise as the previous Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: WW2 had a huge success in this setting, it is clear to see that there is still a massive appetite for the trenches and muddy battlefields of WW2.

In the release, the sources have heavily predicted that this game will be available around Autumn of this year. It is set to be competing with (what looks to be) COD: Black Ops 4, which is unlikely to be set in the same era. Although, it will always be a test to compete against a Black Ops title, Battlefield 1 sold more than Battlefield 4 and COD: WW2 was the titles’ most successful game, so having the game set in that era should bolster there attack on their rivals.

Immerse yourself into the surroundings of WW2

Although this is very heavily rumored, we are still awaiting an official statement on this to confirm. However, one thing we do know is that to fully immerse yourself into the World War 2 era, you need to look the part. A camouflage headset you say? Not just any camouflage headset, the STEALTH XP-Cruiser’s design is based on the disruptive pattern material (DPM) used across battlefields during World War 2 and even claims it’s name from the beast of the battlefield; the A-10 Cruiser War Tank.

Destroy your opponents across the Battlefield in style. The STEALTH XP-Cruiser immerses you into battle with 40mm Speaker Drivers; meaning you hear every bullet that flies past you and every explosion you evade to create an enhanced gaming experience. Maintain control in conflict, with the inline volume control and Mic. Mute switch. This lightweight headset allows you to maintain vital communication with your clan, as you work together to claim triumph in war.

As the A-10 Cruiser was built to perform on any battlefield, the STEALTH XP-Cruiser is multi-format meaning you can succeed in style whatever your platform.


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