Our Top 5 Announcements from E3 2019

E3 was so different this year; originally, we didn’t know what to expect when Sony announced that they wouldn’t be attending and EA stating they were going to take more of a backseat role.

However, we did believe that Microsoft would be bringing some big guns to compensate, which is why their conference was our biggest highlight of E3, we have compiled a whole top 5 list of all the games and announcements that we thought made E3 brilliant;

1. Xbox Announces Project Scarlett

Microsoft smashed E3, there is no doubt in our mind that their announcement of next-gen console and project; Scarlett was spectacular. What was really impressive for us, was the fact that Microsoft seems to have listened to what Gamers really want. Options. The choice to play cross-platform and to have backward compatibility, as well as bringing up, even if it was briefly, cloud-based gaming with the; xCloud.

As you may have heard cloud gaming is becoming a reality for the console giants; Xbox and PlayStation have a strong competitor in Google with Stadia. But what we were impressed with was Xbox’s promise to deliver both; Speed and Power. You can see all the features of the next Gen here!


2. Cyberpunk 2077

When Keanu Reeves came out onto the stage, we all practically jumped up and down in excitement. And then the BIG reveal trailer of Cyberpunk, which looked magnificent and showed just how badass Keanu Reeves character; Johnny Silverhand, the iconic character from Cyberpunk 2020 really is.
And there is no need to worry that his character will only appear once! As Johnny is a predominant character, who is also a digital ghost that is installed on a chip that V (the protagonist) has in their head.

It is obvious to see that Developers; CD Projekt Red has worked really hard on the title, and it shows. They have also delivered to us more time with Keanu Reeves in gameplay, but as for his character’s backstory – Lead Quest Designer; Sasko isn’t letting any details slip out, other than;

“He used to be a fighter for freedom, but in the eyes of corporations he would be probably called a terrorist, this is the guy he is. He has a very strong vision for how the world should work, and he’s like a true cyberpunk. He’s the guy who goes against the system, and against the city that’s just an embodiment of this. He knows the city holds people in shackles – this is his way of seeing things. And suddenly he’s back.”

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

As one of the most famous RPG franchises ever made, Final Fantasy VII is the most famous Final Fantasy Game EVER, which is proven in the numbers – as they sold 11 million units, making it the highest – selling game with an extremely high rating from Metacritic, who gave it a 9.2.
And it looks like we will be able to play this remake title sooner than we thought we would a few months ago. As Square Enix finally gave us a release date of the 3rd March 2020.

It is also clear to see that Square Enix have given their all to ensure this remake gives the original the justice it deserves, and after the demo that took place at E3, we are amazed at not only the visuals but at the flawless combat that demonstrated some skills; Limit Breaks (a special attack) which is built up when you and your team have enough attack power.

4. Borderlands 3


Guns were blazing at E3, as Borderlands 3 demanded everyone’s attention with all those bloodthirsty enemies! The hands-on demo was an epic experience, as we managed to see how the new slide mechanic felt (which was smoother compared to the previous gun, as well as sharper character models and environments.)

But that’s not all you have to look forward too; Borderlands 3 brings four new playable characters into the fold, each of them falls into a class and sport unique combat abilities.
So; who are these new characters?


As an addition to the Siren class. Amara brings a more melee – focused approach to combat. Her impressive skills include conjuring up to six telekinetic arms for a ground – punching attack.


The Beast Master has arisen, this non-binary robot falls into the Hunter class. With the ability to summon different beasts, such as; Skag, Spiderant, and a mysterious creation that walks on two legs with its own gun. It is clear to see that FL4K truly is a beast of a character.


Moze turns everything you thought you knew about the Gunner Class on its head. How? Well, by getting rid of the stationary turret and summoning “Iron Bear Mech” this allows a second player to climb onto the top of the merch and take control of it.


The Operative here; Zane plays in the Assassin Class. His skills allowing him to utilize a drone that he sends into battle to assist with dealing damage.

 5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Last year at E3, we were ALL hyped up for any kind of reveal of Animal Crossing on Switch. But we were sadly disappointed among with a lot of switch players. However, this year – Nintendo has finally announced Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and we couldn’t be happier.

And we weren’t the only ones that were happy to see how Animal Crossing has developed since New Leaf; as you are placed on an island with a workbench to craft items and a tent. Essentially making it a new survival game.

We have previously covered Animal Crossing: New Horizon if you would like to find out all the details!

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