George R.R Martin: From Game of Thrones to AAA Titles?

Whether or not you love or hate Game of Thrones conclusion, one thing is clear! We ALL LOVE George R.R Martin and his brilliant mind, that invested us in the world of Westeros. So when we heard that he is working on numerous projects which included consultation on a Japanese Game, we knew we had to share it with you!

Originally, we thought by the sheer volume of work that he is currently doing since the Game of Thrones phenomenon that there was very little chance that George R.R Martin would be able to get involved in this project. However, it is looking like the rumors are true!

George R.R Martin has admitted that he is working on a Game

It is true! Martin himself has admitted that he is working via consultation of a Game. Currently, the speculation is around him working with FromSoftware. This rumor was fueled by Video Games Industry Varys – who was sharing his little secrets with his little birds. And YouTube Channel Spawn Wave, hinting at the possibility online that Martin is working on “some sort of Souls – like Game” by FromSoftware with an open world style, different kingdoms (as you would expect from George R.R Martin) and abilities that can be collected from different areas. With Martin “work[ing] on and real[ising] the world”.

What could it be?!

So far, nothing has been confirmed guys. However, a source that is familiar with FromSoftware’s ongoing projects has provided information that the game is internally being called “GR” and has been in the works for the past three years! It has also been said that the game itself is supposed to be open – a world with horse riding, published by Bandai Namco, and the ultimate collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki (the creator of the Souls Series) and George R.R Martin.

When will we find out more?  

It is currently being speculated that more information about the game and release will happen during E3 2019 with an unveiling at Microsoft’s press conference on the 9th June.

Will it be a Game of Thrones title?

Again, there has been little confirmed or revealed about this other than George R.R Martin stating that some of the projects he is currently working on are “Based upon my own stories and books, some material created by others.”

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