The Divided Opinions on Tom Clancy’s Division 2

It felt like we were waiting forever for the release of this game. With high expectations and a lot of hours put to the side to play this spectacular title – we were ready. But what we found had us in divided opinions.
It was definitely worth the wait with some of the features such as; deadly gadgets that help agents win that edge against their opponents, the amazing skills that you build up as you sink your teeth into this third-person shooter game and the ability to fix your armor.
But this isn’t all that makes this title worthwhile; especially, if you are coming straight from the original. You will notice; a big change is, of course, the location, from snow-covered New York to Washington D.C.
Whilst we miss the snow, we do think that there is a larger number of landmarks and unique areas to visit that make the move worthwhile! Well, in our opinion.


Speaking of different locations – that includes different weather too! And albeit a bit heavier from the snowy city to the thunderous location of Washington, you should expect to see fog, thunder, and rain in this sequel.
While we are exploring all the differences between the original and sequel, we have to mention the broader and more dynamic missions that are available to you here; with intricate and varied level structures, you will be able to explore a varied amount of unique and interesting locations, which never look too similar as you head back for loot!



Co-operative Play

Rather fascinatingly; players can also search for co-op partners at any point during the game, and you can even get help if you die which pings nearby agents with a call for backup.

The Story

While reviews continue to be mixed, we have acknowledged and do believe after playing for ourselves that there are numerous improvements from Tom Clancy’s Original Division – however, Division 2 has left others and us wanting more where the story is considered. The open world shooter doesn’t have a prominent story that impacts you.
But to be fair; we don’t really mind that the story isn’t as compelling as our expectations for it, purely because of how much we enjoyed playing it. Overall, we think this game is well worth playing and if you were to look at the ratings, which are still considerably high, we believe that you would still want to play this game even though there are numerous divided opinions out there.

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