We Celebrate GTA: San Andreas Turning 15 Years Old!

15 years ago, on the 26th October 2004, Rockstar North released  a game to the world, a game that will possibly go down to be one of the most famous games in history.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas broke all kinds of records on it’s release. It included features that had not been possible in the GTA franchise before and brand new character Carl Johnson. Today, this historic game turns 15 years old.

The opening scene sees Carl Johnson (CJ) picking his bags up from Los Santos Airport. Returning home for his mothers funeral. But the journey is interrupted with introduction of crooked cop Officer Frank Tenpenny, voiced by Hollywood legend, Samuel L Jackson. With plans to frame CJ for the murder of an officer and a staged weapon to “prove” it, it’s clear from the start who really runs Los Santos.

After a pleasant talk with Tenpenny, CJ finds himself in the middle of his old Gang rivals territory. The only way out is to steal a BMX, and this is where we see the first of many new features to the GTA franchise.


New Vehicles

GTA San Andreas introduced the ability to ride a bike, fly planes and drive trains. The attention to detail had also increased, with the ability to drive lorries with detachable trailers, operable tow trucks and even combine harvesters.

Body Transformation

Before GTA San Andreas, if you didn’t eat in the game, it wouldn’t matter. However, with this groundbreaking game, not eating meant that CJ turned into a very skinny guy with no energy. On the flip side, eat too much at the newly created fast food joints such as Cluckin’ Bell or The Well Stacked Pizza Co, and CJ would put on weight. This is turn would have a negative effect on CJ’s stamina.

It is for this reason, Rockstar North introduced Gyms for the first time in GTA history. Allowing you to get CJ the best shape imaginable and also learning how to fight. Each Gym trainer enabled different styles of fighting and combos to use on the streets. Finish off the look by getting some new clothes, a new haircut and even a tattoo for the first time ever.

Ability to Swim and climb

In the previous Grand Theft Auto titles, Tommy Vercetti spent a lot of time jumping into the air or against walls and if he found himself in a bit of deep water, he would starfish and find himself “Wasted.”

Luckily for us, Rockstar North noticed this frustration and introduced the ability to Swim and Dive into water. The more you practiced, the better you became. But that’s not all, a new feature to the game enabled CJ to scale fences, bungalows and off buildings. This strangely became a fan favourite feature when the game released.

Ability Start Gang Wars and Claim Territory

If you attacked 3 of the same gang, you would begin a gang war in which you could battle it out and survive waves of attack in order to claim the territory you were fighting in. That’s not all, the additional feature of being able to recruit 3 members of a crew and being “Drive-by” skirmishes, brought a whole new element to the game.

The introduction of a Love Life

In addition to the hobbies of stealing cars, starting gang wars and hanging out at the Gym. CJ, somehow found the time to do one more thing, Dating.

CJ would meet a series of women throughout the game in which he could take on a date. The location would be entirely up to you and with a host of new restaurants, nightclubs and bars available, the aim was to find something fit in with the interests of Denise, Michelle, Millie or Katie.

Many More Features:

Customising cars, participating in Low Rider events, the ability to pick up objects, parachuting out of planes, spray painting your tag and blowing up cars by shooting petrol tanks were all new features that were introduced to GTA San Andreas. Rockstar North pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the release of this classic and it was a huge success.

The Story of San Andreas

The overall story of GTA: San Andreas was outlined with betrayal. Every door that seemed to close, opened three more with a worse outcome. Whether it was keeping the “Law” on your side with secretive missions for Officer Tenpenny, enhancing your street reputation by following Ryder and Big Smoke in there misadventures or getting rich as you work your way up the ladder of the underworld, there was always something to do across the various stages of the map; Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

There were many memorable moments in the GTA: San Andreas story line that have stuck in peoples memories for the 15 years. From Big Smokes Even Bigger Order, Mad Doggs Lyrics with OG Loc or the riot ridden Los Santos towards the end of the game.

This game will be remembered for more than one thing and it’s hard to believe it has been 15 years since it’s release. News from this week¬† suggested that the GTA 6 Soundtrack has been leaked -Could we see a new installment to the GTA story?

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