STEALTH Support: Window Sonic Setup (XBOX ONE)

Microsoft recently announced that Windows Sonic surround sound is now available on Xbox One, which means that when a gaming headset is connected directly to the controller it can deliver immersive virtual surround sound.

There are two options for surround sound, Windows Sonic for headphones which is free and Dolby Atmos for headphones which is sold seperately. Both options provide a much more in-depth experience and also offer a competitive advantage for you gamers who don’t like to lose! (Give it a try)


Here’s how you can set up your STEALTH headset with Xbox One’s new surround sound feature:

  1. Press the XBOX button on the controller whilst you are on the XBOX ONE home screen
  2. Go to the SYSTEM tab (gear icon) >> SETTINGS >> DISPLAY AND SOUND >> AUDIO OUTPUT

3. Set Headset Audio Headset Format to WINDOWS SONIC HEADPHONES

(At this point you can also choose Dolby Atmos for Headphones if applicable)

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